Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 20, 2012

I’m 65 years old today. Wow! As we sang the song “I Am a Child of God” today in church I started thinking about the words and my birthday. “I am a child of God, and He has sent me here( I came to earth May 20 1947- 65 years ago) Has given me an earthly home ( I came to Pipe Springs AZ) with parents ( Leonard and Edna Heaton) kind and dear ( amazingly kind and dear parents.) Lead me, guide me, walk beside me, help me find the way (my parents taught me to pray, by my bed and kneeling around the table, before breakfast and supper, I learned to work, cleaning my room, doing the dishes, weeding the garden, feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs. They took me to Sunday school, Sacrament meeting and primary, to school, to stake conference, to general conference, to work in the garden, baling hay, pick peaches/fruit, then bottle the peaches, cherries, tomatoes beans- they didn’t send me ‘walked” with me. Their example, their love, their life ‘taught me all that I must do to live with Him someday”

“I Am a Child of God, and so my needs are great, help me to understand His words,” we read the scriptures, the Church News, The Childrens Friend, Era, and the Instructor, we had Family Hour, answered questions, spent time with grandparents who had great faith and sure knowledge of God, talked at meal time around the table, “before it grows too late” This instructions started at birth, I was ready and worthy to be baptized by my Father at age 8, June 5, 1955, graduate from Primary and start Young womens, attend and graduate from Seminary, serve the Ward, chorister, pianist, Primary teacher in the Indian Branch, secretary of the YWMIA, Babysit nieces and nephews while my parents and their parents attended the temple. Watched my parents find joy in serving in the St George Temple. Graduate from high school and go on to college, as expected. Attend the Institute and continue in strengthening my testimony away from home. Knew and understood the principle of repentance, Knew how to choose worthy friends, and that special one -(W Alan Turley) to spend eternity with. Followed the example of “parents kind and dear’ and with my family as witnesses sealed for time and eternity in a ‘House of the Lord” I was taught ‘all that I must do to live with Him someday” my responsibility now is to happily endure to the end, and during that time be that example to my children and grandchildren that my parents were/are to me. I Am a Child of God, His promises are sure” it’s up to me to make sure I will “live with Him someday.”

I had a cancer treatment last Thursday, the next two or three days are hard, emotionally and physically, not sick, just not 100%. It seems like every month the 2-3 days after there is something going on that I have to push through. Last month I decided I didn’t want to do that this time- not realizing it was my birthday weekend. I mentioned that I didn’t want to babysit this weekend. It came across that I didn’t want Grandkids to come over. It was a hard Friday and Saturday with school ending and needing to do extra at school, and some even on Saturday, then do all the Saturday stuff- laundry, sweeping, mopping, and a project for Chloe, so I was worn out. Sunday family dinner seemed overwhelming at the moment. I feel badly that it seemed to come across that I didn’t want grandkids or everyone to come over, I feel terrible that there might have been hurt feelings, I don’t ever want my family to feel like I don’t want to see them. I count my day complete when I’ve had some kind of contact with each daughter. My children and grandchildren are what makes life worth living and hanging on. I love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We so enjoy Kathryn at our house. In spite of less sleep at night and Sunday afternoon naps. I love to watch her play and listen to her talk. She calls the dog 'Sharlie'. This morning, after having a fever since Sunday she threw up in her bed. (Heather's too) She sat their crying as we grabbed a towel, "spilled, spilled."
Yesterday she found a swim diaper and insisted on wearing it the rest of the day. Plus a couple of bibs. Grandkids are the best!!!

my toe

I've had what I call a "chemo toe nail' for 2 1/2 years now. The second round of chemo called Taxol effected my nerves. It started with my ears and gradually moved downward until it ended up in my feet. As a result I have some nerve damage. I was told I would probably loose a toenail or two. All this time I thought the big toenail was coming off. It only started to tighten the curve, and has felt like an ingrown toe for a long time. Alan has very tenderly worked on it and trimmed off the corner which made it feel better temporarily. With encouragement of Heather and Rachel I made an appointment with an awesome podiatrist. I really wanted an appointment on Friday afternoon, so I would have a couple of days before going back to school. (First graders have a tendency to not know where their feet are at all times.) It didn't work out that way, my appointment was Monday afternoon at 3:15, I was on my way home at 4:15 with a numb toe. The Doctor cut about 3/8" off the inside of my toenail all the way down to the root. He killed the root and wrapped it up . - not the root- my toe. I was aprehensive all evening about the numbness wearing off, I took some aleeve about 8:00 just incase. This morning I unwrapped it, showered, applies a bandaid, put on socks and tennis shoes and went to school. No one stepped on my toe, but if they had I don't think it would have hurt. I haven't been bothered by it at all. Got no sympathy because no one knew, because it didn't-doesn't hurt.

I told you my Doctor was awesome. Dr. Cameron McKay. Now the only question is- does it not hurt because I'm a tough 'ole bird, have no feeling in my feet anyway or was the Dr just plain awesome. What ever the reason, I'm not complaining- just extremely grateful. My advice- don't just live with pain if it can be aleviated!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas time

It was time to get the lights up, but our usual 'monkeys' are in Seattle. Seth, Chet, Kian and Mandy loved to climb the ladders and on the roof- only Seth and Chet were actually allowed on the roof- and get the lights just right. This year is was a little too far to have them over to do the job so we bribed Savannah and Chloe. They did a right fine job. Not quite as eager to climb the ladder or hang over the edge of the roof. But it looks awesome! Rory and Damien will need to keep growing, because I don't know how long Savannah and Chloe will accept bribes when ladders and roofs are involved.

Christmas came early

Alan found an early Christmas present. He has wanted a quad for lots of years. We used to have one when the girls were little. It got lots of use, even ended up in the canal. We we didn't find out the details until way later. Anyway Alan found this one at a garage sale. It's a 2004 with only 80 hours on the engine. Everytime it comes out of the garage ALL the little neighborhood boys are out too. I think everyone has had a ride-except me. I'll waite until we are in the desert somewhere. I'm glad Alan finally got a quad. I just hope we can make fun use of it with the family.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh No, our first grandchild is going to the Homecoming Dance!

I must be getting old, because our first Grandchild, Savannah went to the homecoming dance. It was a date, but not a date, as she had to go as part of the journalism club, but a boy did buy her a ticket, even tho she got in free because of the club. However she did need a dress. So... thanks to closet that still had dresses from yesteryear we found one that would be acceptable and transformed it into one that she liked and got lots of compliments on. Aunt Joanna had a long black satin dress with a red center pleat. We shortened the dress, added a wide ruffle and a couple of layers of tule', a wide satin tie and large bow in the back AND red ribbon lace up in the back. Savannah was in style and enjoyed the evening. She even wore it to Sunday dinner to show it off to her family and especially her Aunt Joanna.

LDS General Conference

The conference sessions are over. It seems as though they went be too fast. I felt such a calm peaceful feeling watching and listening. Such a vast difference between what is going on in the world today. I for one want to and will be better for having witnessed this conference. Elder Holland's testimony was particularly felt in my heart.
One of the several answers I was looking for was, "how can I be a better teacher and have better classroom management? This has been on my mind since school started. Some of the other teachers I have expressed this concern for say "You are not mean enough." I feel badly when I have to yell or resort to other things to get their attention, just to get them quiet. I don't like being 'mean' punishing the students for 'talking too much too loud' but we need order. The impressions I've felt during conference have been regular temple attendance, remembering they are ' a child of God', express love and show it, think about it-study it-act it. Maybe I have only been thinking about the problem.
I resolve to give an act of service everyday. To express my love for my family each time I talk with them. Thank you Joanna for starting this very expression when we talk on the phone.
I love general conference. Alan and I are planning to attend in SLC next year. Hopefully April. We used to go at least once a year. It is a great time to reflect and plan a better future.